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Last Days Of Socrates Essay -- Plato Socrates Philosophy Essays

The Last Days of Socrates Plato. The Last Days of Socrates. London: Penguin Books Ltd., 1993 Envision the time soon after the passing of Socrates. The individuals of Athens were loaded up with inquiries regarding the last judgment of this notable, long-term resident of Athens. Socrates was blamed toward the end for his life of offensiveness and debasement of youth. Bits of gossip, biases, and questions flew about the town. Plato encountered this circumstance when Socrates, his educator and companion, acknowledged the decision of death from an Athenian court. In The Last Days of Socrates, Plato utilizes Socrates’ own voice to clarify the reasons that Socrates, however honest in Plato’s see, was sentenced and why Socrates didn't get away from his discipline as offered by the court. The works, â€Å"Euthyphro,† â€Å"The Apology,† â€Å"Crito,† and â€Å"Pheado† not just helped everyone of Athens and the companions and supporters of Socrates comprehend his passing, yet in addition indicated Socrates in the most ideal light. They are ass ociated by their normal topic of a memoriam to Socrates and the conversation of temperances. By considering these writings, scientists can see into the way of life of Athens, however most significant are the conversations about connections in the book. The connections between the religion and state and individual and society have affected the past are still worries that are with us today. While Plato is writing to demonstrate Socrates a decent or good individual, he permits the cutting edge peruser a brief look into Athenian culture. We see that religion is held in high respect and neglecting to serve a religion is deserving of death, regardless of what one’s social or political height. In â€Å"Euthyphro,† the peruser discovers that occasionally an Interpreter is counseled when managing certain criminal conduct. Additionally, we understand that the Athenians respect a child blaming a dad for a wrongdoing, regardless of what the charge, as extremely odd and of extraordinary irritation to the family. I accept this is still evident today. Family faithfulness is thought of, now and again, more significant than the laws of the nation. One model is the wrongdoing families that work in the nation. These families are known to be devoted, however their energy stops when family and cash are included. In â€Å"The Apology,† the peruser sees a portion of the Athenian court framework in real life. Analysts can figure that indictment and barrier are permitted just certain measures of... ...ribed occurred and were recorded. The component of a man, dishonestly denounced, passing on for his convictions is a hybrid into a thought comprehended by all societies. Indeed, even the manner in which the works are introduced, as exchange, make them stand apart to history. Maybe the first run through in history are such profound considerations expounded on and talked about in such a manner. This likewise talks about the hours of the logicians. In the event that the occupants of Athens had the opportunity to consider such profound contemplations â€Å"What is holiness?† they should have lead lives of straightforwardness contrasted and those of before individuals. These specific musings may be points of reference ever, on the grounds that the Athenians treasured idea, way of talking, and some had the opportunity and eagerness to rehearse these interests. Civic establishments that followed the Greeks regularly imitated them. The Romans based a large number of their qualities , rules of citizenship, and even religion on the Greek framework. People of the Enlightenment could have perused similar discoursed that we read today. For what reason would anybody keep on perusing these accounts? I trust it is the discoursed conversation of individual sections state and state stanzas religion. These are the genuinely suffering issues that we will consistently confront.

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Personal Goal Essay Example for Free

Individual Goal Essay My motivation for looking for a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership is to grow my insight into hypothesis and exploration strategies in accordance with training Being a prepared proficient in the field of instruction as a Master Teacher for a long time, and having been presented to various difficulties in showing the students and driving the school, I had this significant acknowledgment on the basic assignments of instruction in this time of globalization. The manner in which schools are driven and overseen is evolving. The kinds of school pioneers and administering bodies that exist today are undeniably more various than they used to be; and they will keep on creating given the quick paced development of current innovation which influences how individuals and society advance these days. Consequently, this multifaceted nature calls for pioneers with model administration style that merit imitating for other people in order to make a genuine differentiation in the lives of numerous individuals, in a network, however for the nation, in general. Instructive administration and the board as a field of request assume a critical job in the improvement of schools; utilizing learning results; and upgrading instructional fitness of understudies. In schools, superior rating and high proficiency rates among their customer bases hints accomplishment in one’s administration in instruction, in this manner, in making importance to the framework, instructive pioneers need to practice certain initiative models that are really showing merit so as to accomplish its objectives. Furthermore, I think I as of now have the stuff to turn into a pioneer who can have the information and aptitudes to make these objectives a reality.

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Personal Goals

Authority is a profoundly regarded trademark that joins most extreme political, business and social incentive with it. Each gathering, independent of its size and impact, is consistently in look for a pioneer whom it can trust to control ahead through all the potential difficulties and troubles. In this manner authority is an individual attributeâ that permits one personâ to persuade and convey numerous others towards basic dreams and objectives. Administration, by its very definition, orders understood confidence, and trust in the activities, choices and reasoning of the pioneer. Here comprehend that initiative is a dynamic and basic nature of an individual and pioneers rise up out of normal gatherings; they are not made, chosen or delegated. Ostensibly, there are no clear duplicate book rules to build a pioneer. The troubles, complexities, and difficulties related with a circumstance offer driving force to administration characteristics in any case normal individuals who have confidence in themselves that they are fit for ascending to the challenges just as helping other people out of it. In this manner in spite of the fact that it may be hard to ‘teach’ an individual nature of good pioneer, yet one can hope to instill initiative characteristics by watching styles and standards of effective pioneers. It is said that a pioneer is a vendor in trust. Initiative is then about motivation, inspiration, support and course that pulls individuals to achievements that they would not had overseen whenever taken off alone. In any case, successful authority is a difficult space as it requires some perfect individual and authoritative attributes that can be created and acknowledged through extensive experience, information and self-control. There are no fixed rules, set of decides and laws that precisely endorse the characteristics, characteristics and qualities of a fruitful pioneer. Regularly the authority is situational and the pioneer is required to act absolutely through instinct and incidental prerequisites. Anyway there are sure fundamental aptitudes and attributes that are fairly obligatory for compelling initiative are 1 Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness is about respectability in real life. Successful administration is tied in with accomplishing coordination in words and activities and following the deep rooted standards of truth, genuineness and individual trustworthiness. 2. Decency: Leaders can’t bear to be one-sided or preferential or it would imperil the certainty of the devotees in their common character. 3. Correspondence and listening expertise. Initiative requires amazing correspondence and listening aptitude through which the pioneers can explain their perspectives unambiguously and furthermore hear the perspectives on others to give them feeling of investment and contribution. 4. Activity: Leadership is tied in with stepping up and arranging others towards it. Stepping up to the plate pulls the association quickly ahead. 5. Trustworthiness: Leaders must be able to process all data in the scenery of their insight to settle on right choices 6. Persuasive limit: Leadership is insufficient on the off chance that it cannot inspire individuals to the fantasy and vision of the pioneer. It is the most burning nature of a pioneer and one that is sign of administration. A decent pioneer ought to be straightforward, steadfast and focused on the objectives of the association he expects to lead. A decent pioneer ought not have a longing for unjust gains or shrouded plans. This is the reason maybe individuals accentuate on straightforwardness in all dealings of any association. A few heads have a self arrangement and seek after them instead of acting in light of a legitimate concern for the association. Focused on the reason for the association or gathering and being live to the penances and agonies of your partners is an essential nature of a decent pioneer. National pioneers and especially the political dissidents of a few countries had unflinching characteristics and assurance in them, which helped them continue and at last succeed. A decent pioneer is maybe a decent supporter. There will never be a phase where you have aced everything and this applies even to initiative. Every day you find out to an ever increasing extent, maybe the rights and wrongs of your own demonstrations as well. I have consistently been a wilful student and emphatically trust I ought to consistently continue learning in the event that I am to lead.â I have consistently regarded individuals with qualities and responsibility. A pioneer is responsible for his activities and should deliberately open up to any inquiries or doubts in his dealings. Likewise a decent pioneer ought to likewise accentuate such characteristics among his adherents and make them responsible as well. Effortlessness is a characteristic of personality for any pioneer and anticipating himself as a good example. A leader’s musings, activities and words ought to be an impression of him, moving all who follow. A pioneer in fact ought to have extraordinary characteristics to effectively lead his association. One of the primary difficulties of a pioneer is his capacity to oversee change. Change is a lasting reality across time. The world is changing at an uncommon pace, as at no other time saw. Change in an association, gathering or any set up includes modifying its structure, forms, the conduct of its administration and staff, its methodology, condition and so forth. The structure of an association is one of the most widely recognized focuses of progress. This remembers the way for which it is held together, the different designs of individuals and the connection between them, correspondence channels, work jobs and abilities. The connections inside an association are critical as it adds to the inward shape and rationality. A few procedures which are modified because of progress execution are correspondence forms, the executives procedures and learning process. Intermittent surveys of its objectives and progress are crucial for any association or group to remain lined up with its goals and desires. I comprehend the need and results of progress, which an association attempts as indicated by the requests set on it. Progressing correspondence can rouse chiefs and representatives and help them to conquer protection from an activity, keep them arranged for the good and bad times of progress. Associations are overseen by a few types of initiative dependent on the effort of power inside the association. Two principle, however interconnected sorts of initiative in associations are the transformational administration and the value-based authority, both having solid philosophical and moral establishments. Transformational initiative offers supporters the chance to evaluate the leader’s see, to look for clarifications and give arrangements, while value-based authority is increasingly founded on burden, where adherents are driven by the commendation, guarantee or prize of the pioneer. In the value-based initiative, the devotees are gone up against by censure, dangers and disciplinary activities. Transformational administration has gotten increasingly mainstream over the most recent three decades fundamentally because of the changing worldwide economy. Transformational administration advances uniformity, equity and human rights through reliability and decency. Ongoing discoveries recommend that group execution and correspondence are improved under transformational administration. Bona fide transformational pioneers are in some cases value-based as well. The pioneer may introduce his feeling, designs and urge concurrence on them, which anyway might be in the shared enthusiasm of all included. I see myself as a run of the mill transformational pioneer open to analysis and conversation, unafraid of my choices being addressed. After all lone aggregate reasoning and participation can bring results. Individuals for the most part would whatever they like to do or, are spurred to do. Inspiration is another fundamental segment related with efficiency in working environments. Reasonable speculations and standards of worker inspiration are applied with fundamental rationale to address the mind of representatives who are to be roused. Inspiration can likewise be depicted as a pivotal ability for any business to succeed. It includes initiating people from his real and freak state to a necessary wanted state with a particular goal in mind. Each persuasive framework must be explicitly planned by the association and winning conditions. Perceiving and understanding the persuasive components for every representative or devotee is significant. It is amazing to realize that things like employer stability, cash and so on can't help in inspiring individuals. Anyway dread, such as hollering from chief, do fill in as a momentary inspiration. Representatives, partners and supporters all should be roused to perform to the levels expected of them. As an attentive pioneer, I can without much of a stretch inspire my workers by setting a model and not constraining them to tail me. Enrollment is a significant capacity of HR and enlistment techniques are fundamental in drawing in gifted and brilliant forthcoming up-and-comers. Choice of best up-and-comers who fit with the work culture of the association is significant. The enrollment likewise has an immediate bearing on the maintenance factor in an association, aside from work effectiveness and quality. Be it an association, an ideological group or any affiliation; it is fundamental that solitary the correct individuals with the correct outlook involve dependable positions. My relationship with individuals causes me to distinguish such individuals with the correct mindset and the ones who ought to be fended off. As a pioneer I attempt to guarantee that the objectives and goals of my worker are not carried by wrong people. Strife and disappointment with bosses like different pioneers and officials is another basic reason for abdications. At the point when supervisors or group pioneers neglect to give the necessary authority by tormenting their subordinates or treating individuals unreasonably, it offers ascend to representative discontent. Such circumstances underscore on the characteristics of the administrator and the group chief. Just those with all around created initiative characteristics must be chosen as second level pioneers. They ought to be prepared in administration aptitudes, strategies for settling strife and furthermore on

10 Tips for Getting a Staff Writing Job

10 Tips for Getting a Staff Writing Job 10 Tips for Getting a Staff Writing Job 10 Tips for Getting a Staff Writing Job By Mark Nichol Odds are that your activity includes some composition, yet maybe showing that aptitude doesn’t establish enough of your remaining task at hand, or it’s not the sort of composing you’d like to do. Or on the other hand maybe you’re still in school, or have an occupation that doesn’t include composing any more convoluted than marking your time sheet. Despite your circumstance, probably a portion of the accompanying tips will help lead you toward the composing work you need. 1. Build up an arrangement of school or proceeding instruction composing ventures that take after the work you might want to do expertly, and appropriate it, or tests from it, to individuals who work at an organization or in a calling that intrigues you. 2. Blog about your interests, on your own blog or somebody else’s. Once more, copy the sort of thinking of you need to get paid to do. 3. Discover individuals who would what you like to accomplish professionally and volunteer to do some composition for them to enhance, not to make look like, their own assignments. 4. Submit articles to a neighborhood distribution or to a site for a not-for-profit association with a crucial a zone of intrigue that interests to you. On the off chance that they can’t pay you, offer to compose for them at any rate (from the outset). 5. Acquire a temporary job in an expert field you’d like to be a piece of, and continue approaching individuals you report to for composing assignments until they agree just to get you out of their office. Make yourself irreplaceable with the goal that when a composing position is made or gets empty, administrators will consider you. 6. Find a passage level line of work in an organization or association that sells or accomplishes something you like, and act like an understudy. What's more, similarly as an assistant should, become the individual known for venturing up and tackling issues with the goal that your name comes up when a composing work opening shows up. 7. To assist you with building up your abilities, study the distributions you want to add to or acquaint yourself with the sorts of records you wish to compose. 8. At educational meetings, ask what individuals in the interviewees’ positions search for when they allot or acknowledge content, and allude them to your blog or another online wellspring of tests of your composition and inquire as to whether they can save some time later for a concise investigate. 9. Volunteer for a gathering or association that bolsters or in any case is basic to the calling you need to work in. Offer to be a section secretary or effort organizer or website admin/site content chief all employments that require composing. 10. Begin as an independent essayist (scan this site for those catchphrases for data and counsel), and request that your customers let you think about employment opportunities at their organization or somewhere else in the business. Need to improve your English quickly a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities every day! Continue learning! Peruse the Freelance Writing class, check our mainstream posts, or pick a related post below:Grammar Test 1Do you arrange yourself, or orientate yourself?Educational versus Educative

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Increasing Awareness of Child Abuse :: Violence Against Children

Lately, youngster misuse has become, just because, an issue deserving of a lot consideration. Youngster misuse happens all over; it is profoundly inserted and polished in numerous different societies and land areas. Everybody has their own supposition on the hugeness of kid misuse. To a few, misuse just is a theme that individuals have become fixated on. Numerous individuals accept that misuse is just an outrageous word for good discipline. These individuals are ignorant concerning the reality of kid misuse. There are a few very negative impacts that prod from kid misuse. These impacts are definitely not beneficial in reference to the improvement of a kid manhandled in any capacity. Numerous guardians, in each culture, use youngster maltreatment as a strategy for molding their kids to carry on well. They utilize serious negative support also rebuff their kids. These guardians just observe the prompt impacts of kid misuse. Normally, if a youngster is beaten for accomplishing something incorrectly, they will learn not to do it once more. Be that as it may, mishandled youngsters will in general create numerous issues further down the road. Now and again, mishandled kids will abstain from developing near individuals. They feel more open to attempting to conceal the entirety of their torment and languishing. A methodology like this to building connections can prompt an absence of the genuine feeling of closeness and trust. A kid will segregate themselves from others and experience extreme forlornness. Mishandled youngsters are more probable to menace other kids around, secluding themselves from their friends (Judith 117). They in some cases fall into the example of get to know individuals who will just deceive and cause them more torment. Maltreatment to a youngster can be a wellspring of extremely difficult encounters. Kids frequently handle these encounters in the incorrect manner. At times, these kids attempt to disregard these agonizing sentiments, which makes it hard to figure out how to adapt to them. This conduct may lead to disarray and high pressure. Kids regularly become lost in the faltering labyrinth of feeling next to zero feeling, at that point changing to being overpowered with feeling and not knowing step by step instructions to deal with their sentiments. These kids may turn out to be mentally undesirable due to their genuinely unsteadiness ( Somebody that was mishandled as a youngster is bound to turn into an oppressive parent than somebody else (Judith 221). Along these lines, misuse can carry on from age from age. These families have undesirable connections. Relatives every now and again come up short on the adoration, mindful, and fellowship that everybody needs.

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Cleithrophobia The Fear of Being Trapped

Cleithrophobia The Fear of Being Trapped Phobias Types Print Cleithrophobia: The Fear of Being Trapped By Lisa Fritscher Lisa Fritscher is a freelance writer and editor with a deep interest in phobias and other mental health topics. Learn about our editorial policy Lisa Fritscher Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on August 05, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on August 18, 2019 Jiewen Yu / EyeEm / Getty Images More in Phobias Types Causes Symptoms and Diagnosis Treatment In This Article Table of Contents Expand Cleithrophobia/Claustrophobia Common Triggers Symptoms Coping and Treatment View All Back To Top Cleithrophobia, the fear of being trapped, is often confused with claustrophobia, which is the fear of enclosed spaces. Cleithrophobia is at the heart of many winter-related fears due to the potential risk of being trapped underneath a snowdrift or thin ice. Many other events might trigger cleithrophobia, including being inadvertently locked in a bathroom or other small room. The root word for this phobia is from the Greek cleithro, which means to shut or close. Cleithrophobia vs. Claustrophobia Claustrophobia may occur at any time. If you have claustrophobia,  you might fully intend to enter a small space, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) chamber or a motion simulator, yet have a panic attack before or during the experience. The specific focus of the phobia itself is the small space. Cleithrophobia, however, is triggered by actual confinement in a small space. If you have cleithrophobia, you are often fully comfortable entering small areas that you are free to leave at will. The specific focus of this phobia is being trapped, locked in, or otherwise unable to leave. Traumatic events that lead to this phobia include things such as getting trapped in a small tunnel or deep hole, or being locked in a small space such as a closet, abandoned refrigerator, or the trunk of a car. Cleithrophobia Fear of being trapped Fine with small spaces if there is a way out; but may panic if locked in Experience anticipatory anxiety Claustrophobia Fear of small spaces May panic when entering small spaces Experience anticipatory anxiety The difference between the two phobias is subtle but important. However, it can be nearly impossible to distinguish between them. Both phobias often cause anticipatory anxiety, in which you begin to panic long before the actual event occurs.?? Cleithrophobia may mirror claustrophobia if you see even a slight risk of becoming trapped in the space. Likewise, claustrophobia often mirrors cleithrophobia in that many people with claustrophobia may feel trapped or locked in, even if they are actually free to leave. The two phobias may even exist simultaneously.?? For these reasons, a trained mental health professional is needed to make the exact diagnosis. The treatment of the two conditions is similar. Common Triggers for Cleithrophobia In general, cleithrophobia is triggered by a lack of escape. Examples of common triggers include amusement park rides that utilize shoulder harnesses or other tight-fitting restraints, locked rooms, and MRI chambers. Symptoms The symptoms of cleithrophobia are similar to those of other specific phobias.?? If you have this fear, you might experience a panic attack when you feel trapped. Crying, screaming, physically lashing out, freezing up, and attempting to run away are very common. If you are unable to leave the situation, you might start sweating profusely, feel your pulse rate begin to rise, and develop symptoms of physical illness. You will likely be unable to think of anything other than the need to escape. Coping and Treatment If your symptoms are severe or life-limiting, it is always best to seek advice from a mental health professional. Systematic desensitization and other cognitive-behavioral techniques work very well with phobias, but should not be tried without the assistance of a professional.?? Those with milder symptoms, however, sometimes find relief from a variety of self-help techniques. Leaving an escape route, such as cracking the bathroom door or removing the locks from your bedroom, can help you feel calmer in many situations, but this is not always possible or practical. While your family may understand, you may not be able to avoid locked doors in public accommodations. If you begin to panic, try using purposeful breathing or guided visualization to calm your anxiety. If you have a supportive friend or relative nearby, ask that person to speak calmly with you about light topics. Some people find that the Stop! Technique helps curb anxiety, while others find that it does not work in the middle of a panic attack. This technique is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy aimed at stopping racing thoughts or obsessive worrying. When thoughts of the fear arise, you yell Stop. At first, you may do so out loud but eventually,  you progress to doing so silently. A Word From Verywell You should seek help if this phobia is having an impact on employment, relationships, or the ability to enjoy a variety of social activities. Although cleithrophobia is unpleasant, it typically responds well to a variety of treatment methods. With hard work, you may get relief from this fear and be able to enjoy more activities in your life without restriction.

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Moralitys Decisions Cyrano de Bergeracs Version of Honor - Literature Essay Samples

â€Å"The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.† Albert Einstein Distinguishing between right and wrong is a skill people learn over the span of their lifetime. Individuals who choose positively rewarded options allow themselves to live with a clear conscience. Those who choose to do negatively thought out options create a guilty conscience. In the play Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmund Rostand, readers follow the story of a man who is deeply in love with a woman, however, the woman loves another man. As a result, the man agrees to help the other man â€Å"woo† the woman; these events, though somewhat slanted against Cyrano, portray the man as a heroic character. Through Cyrano’s decision to assist Christian, Rostand discusses moral principles and reveals adhering to values make one an honorable person. Acknowledging one’s own beliefs creates a stronger self-drive to one’s moral values. Cyrano makes his first appearance in the theatre, where a citizen challenges his presence and claims Monfleury has a powerful patron and Cyrano does not. Cyrano declares he has no need for a patron and can protect himself with his sword. The citizen makes the mistake of telling Cyrano he was trying not to look at his nose, which Cyrano takes offense to. â€Å"My nose, sir, is enormous. Ignorant clod, cretinous moron a man ought to be proud, yes, proud, of having so proud an appendix of flesh and bone to crown his countenance, provided a great nose may be an index of a great soul-affable, kind, endowed with wit and liberality and courage and courtesy- like mine† (Rostand, 28) This quote signifies that Cyrano acknowledges how his nose is a part of him. He sees his nose as a symbol of the values he stands by. For one to insult his nose is like insulting the characteristics that make him a principled being. Knowing what one believes in creates a stronger commitment to views. Choosing actions based on value rather than personal gain takes great strength. During the siege of Arras, Roxane unexpectedly arrives and the climax unfolds. She tells Christian that she now loves him for his soul and not just his physical appearance. Christian, knowing Cyrano is his â€Å"soul,† tells Cyrano to reveal the truth to Roxane and allow her to choose between them. He then goes to into battle and is the first to be killed. Once Cyrano learns of Christian’s death, he no longer feels he can tell Roxane how he truly feels.â€Å"Something. Yes. Whatever it doesn’t matter now. Here’s something new to tell you. Christian- this I swear because it’s God’s own truth- was a great soul† (Rostand, 147). This quote reveals how Cyrano does not want to taint the memory Roxane has of Christian, and as a result he does not tell her the truth. Although honesty is one of his beliefs, he lies to Roxane and maintains the ideal man he and Christ ian have created. Distinguishing between what is right and wrong is based on one’s own perspective. As Cyrano reads the letter, which was supposedly written by Christian aloud, Roxane realizes that it had been Cyrano writing the letters and it was stained with his tears. She recognizes the voice from years ago that was speaking to her from below the balcony. â€Å"His blood, though, stained by his blood† (Rostand 168) Cyrano is guilty about Christian’s death and continuously denies being in love with Roxane. He acknowledges Christian’s sacrifice and refuses to admit he has loved Roxane all these years. Cyrano admired Christian for his ability to expose his true emotions to Roxane although he could not necessarily express them himself. He believes he must remain loyal to Christian and his consistent denial of his love for Roxane serves as the evidence. One’s virtues are depicted by taken actions. As Cyrano faces death in the final scene, he recognizes that he has lost everything. He has lost Christian, who he had considered a friend, and he has lost Roxane, whose love he had desired so much. The only thing that remains is his white plume, which represents his own personal virtues, such as his name, righteousness, and courage. â€Å"You take everything Take them and welcome. But there is one thing goes with me when tonight I enter my last lodgingSee it there, a white plume over the battle A diamond in the ash of the ultimate combustion My panache† (Rostand, 174-175). Once Cyrano dies, he will be remembered for his righteousness. He recognizes this and says it is the one thing that has not been tainted throughout his entire life for he has followed through with his values. Over his lifetime Cyrano has portrayed his values through his actions and recognizes this despite the outcome of the events that took place. In Cyrano’s mind, he must sacrifice his own happiness in order to live with himself. It takes great courage to watch the one he loves be with another. Rostand emphasizes the need of following moral values whether it is valuing honor over practicality. Putting others’ needs before his own and firmly abiding by what he believes in are the characteristics of a heroic character. To adhere to one’s beliefs even if the outcome is not as beneficial as being practical shows a dedication to the values one follows.